Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Focal Point

BVI Red Cross is committed to enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities to better serve vulnerable communities. We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Focal Point to join our Disaster Management team. This role is crucial in providing technical support, promoting engagement, and ensuring effective implementation of our CVA preparedness plan.

The CVA Focal Point will provide technical support for the development, mainstreaming, implementation, and monitoring of the branch’s preparedness plan. The ideal candidate will advocate for CVA internally and externally, ensuring coordination and communication among all stakeholders

Duration : 9 Months
Salary: $2,500 per month

1. A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate technical field

2 A minimum of three years’ experience with CVA in the humanitarian/development sector.

3. Experience in research, data collection and analysis, and reporting.

4. Proven experience as a presenter to external audiences and as a training facilitator.

5. Strong understanding of preparedness/contingency planning and disaster response

6. Excellent analytical skills with the ability to influence decision-makers.

7. Exceptional coordination skills, including the ability to liaise with various agencies/individuals, organize events, prioritize work, and ensure a smooth flow of information.

8. Diplomacy and good interpersonal skills.

9. Capacity to remain calm under pressure while maintaining strategic priorities.

10. Ability to work independently and with teams across different geographical locations and organizations

1.Promote CVA to build engagement and ownership, establishing effective coordination and communication.

2. Advocate for CVA internally and externally by participating in CVA meetings, networks such as CaLP, inter-agency technical working groups, and donor meetings.

3. Monitor progress and produce monthly reports against the CVA Preparedness Plan of Action (PoA) for relevant stakeholders.

4. Lead the BVI Red Cross, CVA Technical Working Group (TWG).

5. Work closely with departments such as Disaster Management, Health, Finance, Logistics, Social Development and Communications.

6.Ensure participation in appropriate CVA training and refresher courses throughout the territory with learning events and workshops